New Bat Standard Required for Cal Ripken 2018 Spring Season

Updated Monday October 30, 2017 by Tony Caudill.

For the Cal Ripken Division, ages 9-12, our National League will require that players use only USA Bat approved bats for the 2018 season.

Before you purchase a new bat, be sure to confirm that it is listed as approved on this web page:

Please be sure that any bats you purchase have the logo stamp, and meet the requirements outlined at the following web page:

We understand that this new rule creates a financial burden for our families.   We are required to follow changes in the national rules to retain our association with the national league, and retain our insurance coverages.  Further these changes are occurring across not only Cal Ripken, but Little League and all other major youth baseball organizations in 2018, and we are not alone in adopting to this change.

For those that have purchased bats previously that are not compliant, we understand the disappointment in these changes.  

The league will have 2-3 bats available at each of our fields (Valentino and F8), that may be used by players during the season at practices and games.   As there are only 2-3 players able to swing the bat at any one time, this should meet the needs while helping to reduce the financial impact to families of the change.

However, we also certainly understand that players like to have their own bats, and that some families may feel a need to purchase a new personal bat that meets these standards, where that is the case, we hope the resources on this page will help.