14U Elite Softball Win League Championship

and Year End League Tournament

Updated Friday August 5, 2016 by David Ethridge.

Congratulations to the Babe Ruth Little Red Softball Club 14U Elite Team for their stellar season in 2016. These girls went 10-0 in the regular season to win the league championship and combined another 5-0 performance for the League Year End Tournament in Homer to take home the Tournament Trophy. This core group of girls, comprised of girls from both the 14U Elite and two that were moved up from the 14U Novice LRSC team, became an offensive and defensive force that none could overcome.

The coaching staff comprising of head coach Jeff Spada, assistant coaches Michael Dorf and Kevin Talty, Catching coach Ray Ackerman, Pitching coach Sheila Bowman and the clubs general manager Maria Muscente put together a strong program focusing on the  basic fundamentals. In just 2 short years a team comprised of girls from both Modified and JV level teams, evolved from a winless team to an undefeated 2016 season!   Pitching and catching is so critical to the success of this program and having 2 great coaches focusing on just this each practice for an hour long session before the normal 2 hour practices began showed what this commitment can yield. The team also had great support from the new ICSD Wellness Director (and one of the 14U Asst. Novice Coaches) David Hanna.  Aside from donating his time as coach, David made sure the playing fields were top quality for the games and practices.  Additionally, Head Coach Rick Kuhar and Asst. Coach Rachelle Walsh contributed many hours to the 14U Novice players, which allowed two girls to move up and not only play for the 14U Elite but to have commanding roles on the field.

Our parents are great!  This is what allowed our coaches to coach and players to excel!  Parents pulled together to make sure the girls had plenty of nourishment and drinks at every game of the season and the tournament as well!  This kind of support will move mountains and build champions!

Team Members of 2016 Undefeated 14U Elite Team

Top Row: Asst Coach Kevin Talty, Head Coach Jeff Spada, Maddie Muscente, Sofia Iacovelli, Alex Starotsina, Allie Spada, Sophia Ferwerda, Lizzy Talty, Asst Coach Michael Dorf, Hannah Wendal, GM Maria Muscente 

Bottom Row: Claire Parmenter, Rhiannon Galloway, Jenna Plue, Pia Glaysher, Breanna Marsh, Morgan Best. Missing were: Ari Shululu and Meenah Coldorf.

Till Next Season!