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Getting Started

Updated Wednesday May 4, 2016 by Ithaca Babe Ruth.

Ithaca Coaches Corner

We have put together resources that we think are most critical to becoming a successful youth baseball coach.

  1. Apply to be a coach 
  2. Self-Education – Baseball techniques continue to evolve rapidly, and our league has access to world class training videos from Ripken Baseball that will provide you with excellent approaches to communicating the fundamental mechanics to your players. 
    • Ripken Way Instructional Videos - Take 3 minutes, pick out a position or hitting technique, and guaranteed you will take away something new for your players.


  • Coachable Moments - You can learn a lot by watching the pros. And even more when a fellow pro gives his feedback. Take a look at Ripken Coachable Moments where Cal covers events during MLB games, including what to look for and what to take away from each moment.


  1. Setup a Practice Plan – Nothing is more boring that sending 9 kids to the field and then hitting baseballs to each player, do not do it.  To be successful, you need to engage your parents and set-up at least 2 and preferably 3 drill stations that players rotate through to build the skills they need.   The league has put together a handy guidebook with sample practice plans and drills that are age/skill appropriate.   We also have included a practice plan checklist to help you plan your pre-season with a focus on building all the fundamental skills your team will need, see bottom of this page. Print it out, and use it!
  2. Learn about Gamechanger – Gamechanger is an iPhone application that is free to download, and allows you to have a parent easily help with scoring games, tracking pitch counts, and sharing your team’s progress live across the internet to friends and family across the world.  Visit to learn more, download the app, and assign a parent to learn how to use it and relieve you of keeping score this season.  The parent will not need to know a thing about technology, and if they understand balls/strikes they have all the skills necessary to successfully use the app.
  3. Communication - Look for templates to help communicate expectations, gain support of parents to volunteer coming soon!
  4. Know the local rules - Please review the attached document that summarizes our league local rules.

2015 Cal Ripken Local Rules 2015 Quick Reference
Cal Ripken Parent Meeting Communication
Practice Checklist
Coaches Practice Drills and Plans