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Updated Friday March 31, 2017 by Ithaca Babe Ruth League.

Seeking Baseball Umpires for Ithaca Cal Ripken Spring Season

Cal Ripken Baseball is for Ithaca-area boys and girls of ages 9-12 as of April 30th.  Our leagues exist to provide these boys and girls the opportunity to learn and play baseball, regardless of their skill or experience level. We are actively seeking umpires to help us with the upcoming spring season.  Must be 16 years old, and be able to demonstrate through experience, references and interview knowledge of the game appropriate for the level of play.

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$30 per game.  Games are generally six innings and two hours long.  No new inning may begin two hours after the first pitch.

Game schedule and locations

All games are held at Cass Park in the City of Ithaca or Tutelo Park in the Town of Ithaca.

The spring season will begin around April 21 and end around June 8.  Additional games will be scheduled throughout the summer, with number of teams, level of play, and schedules to be determined.

Weeknight games are held on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, with start times at 6 PM.  Most weeknights, games take place at two to three fields concurrently.

Saturday games may begin as early as 9 AM, with the last start time generally no later than 4 PM.  There are usually six games on Saturdays, held at various times on two different fields.

Friday evening games are generally reserved for rainout make-up games.  There is a possibility that rainout make-up games may also be held on Sundays if needed.

Level of play

Our Minor Division is for ages 9-10.  Play is on a 60' diamond with 46' pitching distance.  Our Major Division is for ages 11-12.  Play is on a 70' diamond with 50' pitching distance.  Rules are generally the same between the divisions, with fewer restrictions on leading, stealing bases, and other baserunning in the Major Division.  

We will seek one umpire per game for the Minor Division and two umpires per game for the Major Division.

Requirements for umpires

Candidates must be 16 years old as of April 30, 2017.  

The league will provide additional training in one mandatory paid ($30) two-hour session before the season starts.  Session will cover league local rules and understanding of field positioning for both Minor and Major Divisions.  

Umpires must provide their transportation to and from games.  Dependability and timeliness are critical requirements. 

Our rules require that all coaches, spectators, and players must treat umpires with respect.  Umpires will receive regular support from our head umpire and from the league's Board.  At the same time, umpires themselves must always present themselves professionally, as they too are the face of our program.